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Hi from Katie of Motiv8 Fitness

October 8, 2016

Who is Katie Martin and will she be the right trainer for me? Katie is a 5' 2" spitfire of a trainer. She has an overwhelming love for health and nutrition and wants to spread her knowledge to everyone she possibly can. It shows in her workouts that are given to her clients on a daily basis. Katie has made sure she has furthered her knowledge by securing a BS degree in Kinesiology and acquired a NCCPT for a certified personal trainer.

Katie has always had an "athletic" body (which when young most don't consider this a healthy thing within "doctors" charts), she works very hard to keep fit. This is one of the reasons she makes a great trainer, because she fully understands the struggles one has to achieve goals.

In 2012 Katie began a journey to further understand how one could change their body with maximum natural training. Being that Katie has been a soccer player most of her life she went into this journey with a very healthy athletic build.

After 12 weeks of extreme hard work she entered her first figure competition.


Several months later Katie and her husband were expecting their first child. Katie continued to workout everyday up to the last week during her pregnancy. She continued to eat healthy yet admits taking some time off to "enjoy" her pregnancy and eat a little extra. Unfortunately, her devotion to her workouts and eating 70/30 clean/dirty didn't reflect on her 5' 2" frame.

Katie didn't waste time molding her body after her first child was born. Katie started truly understanding the concepts of what to do and how to do it. Within 7 months she was only weeks away from another competition.

Katie would use her figure competitions as learning tools to figure out how to achieve certain muscles in her arms, abs, legs, etc . Katie succeeded in her state and did back to back going to nationals, changing her body to more conform to what the judges asked for.

Once again Katie and her Hubby are blessed with a second child on the way. She worked harder to make sure she didn't have to work so hard getting off the "baby fat" It DID NOT WORK. Her 80/20 clean/dirty and working out was to no avail because 70 pounds were added to her 5' 2" frame and once again she was put in an extreme situation to get the weight off.

After Katie's second child was born she took a break to re-evaluate everything she had learned. Katie personally doesn't love running #teamnocardo. If she is on the soccer field she will run all day. She calls it her A.D.D (she needs the ball so she doesn't know she is running) this shows her wit and personality. Katie knows running is very important but wanted to figure out if there truly was a way to achieve a happy weight without the massive amount of running she was told to do to get to the extreme body she had for the shows. This time she took about a year to get to a "happy" place she has learned so many ways to tweak ones body naturally if one is prepared to put in the work.

So whether you just want to be in shape for yourself, meet new friends, develop a new fit fam, bring yourself to beast mode, ready to laugh, cry, scream and smile, hear the words #butdidyoudie, #becauseicare #yourwelcome #fitfam then Katie Martin, owner of Motiv8 Fitness is ready to show you that YOU CAN DO IT!!


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